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Website Design and Maintenance
Quality web design, new site construction and site reconstruction, custom graphics, web page optimization, search engine submission and web site maintenance. Also custom printed blank disks and digital photo editing.
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What is the Internet ?

"The Internet is like a vast forest with millions of trees and growing. Each website is like a tree in that forest. Finding a website on the Internet is like trying to find a tree with specific qualities.

Just about anyone can place a website on the Internet. Having a website that will be found on the Internet should be the goal of any business or organization. Professionally designed and maintained Website's can accomplish this goal."

W.G. Pommenville

WGP Consulting

WGP Consulting provides website design or redesign, with the goal of making your site work for you. Business Organization and Hobby Website's normally have different goals.
We believe that when a visitor reaches your website they should be provided with the information they desire as quickly as possible, including a way on each web page to contact you for further information or to place an order.
There is a lot of competition on the Internet, and once a visitor reaches a business or organization site there is only a short time to show them that you have what they are looking for.
Think of the website as a store front in a city or mall. Once a person reaches this store front they decide if they should go further into the store or move on to find another store. Also very important are the individual web pages and how they link together. When people search they may come to a web page other then the homepage in fact they may never see the homepage. So it is very important how the website is constructed.
WGP Consulting main goal is to create a site that reflects the individual client. We work towards a web presence for them that reflects their likes and interests and keeping in mind the goal of the website. Anyone can put a website on the web but a web page designer can play a major part in the success of a website.
WGP Consulting provides services normally in and around Rhode Island.

PT Floors Walls & More
See the Portfolio Page for more
information on this project

Over the years WGP Consulting has installed shopping carts on a number of websites. Since 2002 we have used Americart Shopping Cart Service, because most of our accounts prefer to run the charges later using their own card terminal. This allows them to review orders before running charges, check stock, schedule manufacture,etc. and not having to issue a credit if the items is not available. With Americart you have an option to process the card manually using you own terminal or automatically.
Because of this experience setting up the Americart Shopping Cart Service an example area has been setup here to help others setting up Americart. We are not connceted with Americart but just a very satisified installer of their service. Our real world examples using Americart.
Important: This is not the Americart site, for all information about Americart please use their site Americart Shopping Cart Service.

WGP Consulting Digital Photo Editing ~ Photo printed on a blank Cd - DVD (not the recording side) or just update a photo.

Now you can have a professionally designed website and also be able to modify and update selected pages with out changing your original website. Google has introduced a new feature called "Google Sites". With Google sites you have a customizable site that you or anyone you designate can modify. It has limited features but is new and growing. Click here to read more about it. Now Available Google Sites

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